HFB Style Project: New York Dream Vacation

New York Dream Vacation

If I ever had the chance to go actually go on a vacation, I wouldn't be leaving the United States.  My pick would be New York.  Now obviously, in real life I would be on a budget.  But I'm gonna pretend that I have unlimited funds.  I would pack everything above and have the time of my life, thrift shopping in my Nike's, skinny jeans, and matching top.  Of course my camera will be with me at all times!  I can also pair up a few of these items to make different outfits of course!  Imagine the floral dress tucked into the print ankle pants with the pink heels, or the turquoise top tucked into the shorts with the heels OR the dress worn on its own with the pearl necklace and the heels and a wrist full of bangles!  The jumpsuit for a night or the dress-I need options people!  How would you pair up my picks?  What would you pack for your dream vacation?


Unknown said...

I love New York! Have you been before? Definitely a place for anyone who loves fashion...well loves ANYTHING to go! haha

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