Music Monday: Diamonds

Its not that I don't love this song, but it pulls at my heart strings because it reminds me of some things...

Music Monday: All I want for Christmas

The first Christmas with my then boyfriend now husband, we were in a long distance relationship.  His car needed repairs and he couldn't come down to see me for Christmas and every time I heard this song, all I could and can think of was how badly I wanted him to be with me that Christmas and every Christmas.

Weekend Wrap-up

Hey yall!  So this is this first weekend of my son's two week winter break and we started it off on a good note.  My husbands cousin gave us a Wii!!!  I mean, its the very first version, but I ain't complaining.  I already got my Netflix hooked up and two games downloaded.  Christmas gifts were purchased a while back and the last of them this past week.  My husband and I got some takeout from Kim Son during the week, which wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either.  I bought him an awesome T-shirt for Christmas!  You just don't know, he is a fan of unique urban T-shirts!  Got some Mac Ruby Woo for Christmas, some OPI polishes, and some Mac eyeliner which I have been in dire need of.

We took the kids to watch Wreck It Ralph on Saturday and they have never sat more quietly in their whole lives!  I need to take them to the movies more often!  We smuggled in our own snacks-don't act like you have never done this ;)

So here are some photos of this past week!  Enjoy!

Parnevu Hair Products Review

I was sent Parnevu Extra Dry Scalp Therapy, the Parnevu Hair Mayonnaise, and the Parnevu T-Tree Shampoo.  I think that they are very affordable but if it was me, I would raise the price on the Hair Mayonnaise, simply because it is a phenomenal product!  See my review below!

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This is the author of one of the first plus size fashion blogs I ever read and got hooked on!  Nichole Smith has modeled for Chocolate Sushi Couture, Domino Dollhouse, and Swak Designs!  It is so refreshing to see a plus size model who is actually a plus size model!

Nichole Smith