My first Julep box

I received m first Julep nail polish box last week.  I must say that I loved the packaging!

Above are the nail polishes that I received.  I love bold colors as you can see from the box that I chose.  I have tested all of the colors but didn't take photos because I ruined the polish at work.  I will post again when I use the Julep polished again.  

Here is my polish today.

I figured that I better take photos before I mess up the polish again!

What do you think?  It's okay for being out of practice, I guess.....

Plus Size Model Shea Dionne

Photo Credit:  Sheba SheBringsAccess

Photo Credit:  Leon Jones

Photo credit:  JR Flood

Vintage Givenchy en plus

Blazer- Givenchy en plus
Tank Dress- American Apparel
Skinnies- Forever 21+

This post was actually supposed to go up yesterday, but life caught up with me....
By life I mean, that I thought my son had chicken pox and took him to the doctor yesterday.  All of this just so that the doctor could tell me he had hives as an allergic reaction to something he ate(his homemade graduation cake had food dye in the frosting). Yes, I missed work for this and end up having to do all of the things I put off in the morning that afternoon....
But, that is family life for you!