Jibri Spring 2013 Collection Faves

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Bow Down

Photo Credit:  Mrs. Carter Tour Promo

I think she messed up this whole song with the 53 seconds of the song.  I am not so much into screw music but I grew up around it, so I do like some.  I actually like everything after 53 seconds.  What did you think?

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Plus Size Celebrity Style

Remember this Balmain dress that Kim Kardashian wore to the 2012 Angel Ball?  I had a flashback while browsing ASOS CURVE.

Learn how to do a side fishtail braid by clicking on the photo below

Recap in pictures

 Valentines Day dinner with my hubby at the Cheesecake Factory

 Face shot before going to the movies for Valentines Day

 The hubby playing cute!
White Chocolate Rasberry
 Cupcakes that I made and sold at work

 Flowers from the hubby
 Dark Chocolate cupcakes
Swapnista Houston at The Ultimate Dressing Room 

 Sulays favorite color is purple, can you tell?
 Papa's BBQ in Houston afterwards
 not that great

picked this up today at The Ultimate Dressing Room for $11.99!!!!