Where you been, girl?

I cannot apologize enough for my absence.  Life has kind of taken over.  I am working a full time and a part time job one day a week.  The weekends are my time to relax or so they were.  I just go this spiffy new laptop because I am starting online school again.  I have a coworker who is attending and really encouraged me to go.  So far I like the platform.

We had a pretty good summer and a great start to the school year.

That being said.


I am still getting into the groove of balancing work, school and life.  Don't get me wrong-so far school has been a breeze.  BUT-I have been super stressed out because of work and life.  I have been at this new job for nearly 7 months.

Let me say this.  I have LOVED every job I have ever had.  I have worked as a waitress, a fry cook, housekeeper for a hotel, sales associate, cashier, and NOW I am in daycare.  I have been lied on by a client and it has left me with a bitter taste in my mouth.  I have never had anyone complain about the way I do things or my attitude until I got here.

Yes, I am very blunt.  Yes, I have things going on that I may carry with me when I set foot through the door.  Who doesn't?  This has not taken away from me doing my job.  I do a lot of thinking at work but that doesn't take away from my work.  These things were thrown in my face as a factor in my work.  These remarks have left me kind of confused as to what I should do.  I love my job, I love my co workers-MOST OF THEM ANYWAY...

It was like a slap in the face.  I am currently looking for another job while I finish school.

Any thoughts on my dilemma?


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