Kimye Pregnant?!?

I know the news is old, but I was trying to figure out a clever way to do a post on this.  Anyhoo....
I gotta admit that they kinda look cute together.  I am actually kinda rooting for them to get married "forever", i.e. over 10 years in Hollywood.

Look at her and the hubster.  He seriously looks like some guy she's just kickin' it with.  Kris ain't never held Kim the way that Kanye does.  They seem really happy with each other.  

But, I have to say that I think this baby was as unplanned as my next Pap smear.  I mean, really?  She didn't get off birth control while married to her current husband last year, and didn't get pregnant.  I mean, I know birth control is not 100% effective.  But, of all these years of dating and obviously shagging she hasn't gotten pregnant.  Now we get to Kanye and BAM!  Kimye got a baby?

So I guess I should say Congratulations....

  But instead I think I will say this:

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Ana said...

Ha! I just laughed at this whole fiasco she's got herself into. I'm glad she has someone who makes her happy, but it's awful that she really couldn't wait for him and rushed into a sham marriage and then into a pregnancy before her divorce. I honestly can't stand that family and I try really hard not to give them any ratings or attention.

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