Meet Daisy Christina

I would like to introduce you to a new face in modeling.  If you don't recognize her, she was in VOLUP2 Magazine (created by the famous Velvet D'Amour).  Her name is Daisy Christina.  See the interview below.

What is your full name?
Daisy Christina van Egmond

What size are you (US sizing)?
Photo credit:  Andrew Walkinshaw

What made you want to start modeling?
When I was younger, I liked to take pictures of myself in the mirror.  People would look at me and my pictures and they would say ‘’you’re beautiful, why are you not modeling?’’ I would often reply, ‘’no, I’m too big.”  Models are skinny and I’m still young.’’ But later when I was older, I wanted to model because big curvy women are beautiful too!  So I searched the internet for plus size modeling agencies in the Netherlands.  There aren't much plus size modeling opportunities here.  Eventually, I found the website and registered.  That was in February 2011.   I have been modeling ever since.  I am now 20 years old.

What was your first modeling gig (paid or unpaid)?
In 2010 I did a pair of photo shoots unpaid but they are specifically for my portfolio. I did a photo shoot for the model office -MAximemodel- that was my first professional photo shoot in lingerie for an online shop, and that was paid.

What was your most memorable moment to date as a plus size model?
I did my first professional photo shoot in lingerie and that was scary.  Especially if you’re half-naked!  I was very nervous.  It was written all over my face.  But, when you have done the first photo shoot, the second photo shoot is not as scary.  I have enjoyed it every time.

What is your ethnicity?
Born and raised in the Netherland in the city Eindhoven. And my parents were born in Indonesia. So I am an Indonesian girl.
Photo credit:  Otto van den Toorn

What companies/brands/designers have you worked with?
I have worked with PABO an online lingerie store, and with the magazine Big is Beautiful. I have worked with GETS(a clothing store), another plus size model/photographer Velvet D’amour, and Anti code, which is an online clothing store. I have yet to work with a clothing designer.  Maybe in the future....

Where do you reside?
Netherland I lived in Eindhoven but I moved to Helmond but I plan to be back in Eindhoven to reside there.

What issues, if any, have you had trying to break into the industry?
I’m a little bit too short for Catwalk and HIGH fashion. 1,70 long in Dutch

Photo credit:  Theo Vermeulen
Where do you want to be in 5 years?
I would like to be a plus size model traveling over the word for international modeling.  That’s my biggest dream, but it’s difficult to be discovered in the Netherlands because we are such a small a country.  To be discovered by a big plus size brands would be awesome!  
Photo Credit:  Jennifer Remme

Being a plus size model, what would you like to see more of regarding clothing for plus size women?  Is there something that you see in straight size stores that you would like translated into plus size?
Yes of course, especially the jeans.  I see a lot of clothes and usually I can’t find my size.
I have looked in many stores and I found that there were not many beautiful clothes in my size.  After searching for a couple hours, I found something if I was lucky. I think the stores must have plus size clothing. 

Photo credit:  Lauren Oldenbroek

Did being a "bigger" have any back lash in your culture or as an Indonesian girl?
No.  For Indonesian girls it is normal to be curvy whether you are big or small.  Sometimes my mom would tell me to lose weight and that I was getting bigger.  She said it would be easier for me to find clothing.  I know that she loves me for who I am and she embraces my lovely curves a real woman has curves AND-its finer to hug!  I was not treated differently than other people but Indonesian people say what they think and it comes off harsh but definitely not meant to be taken that way.

What advice can you give to someone trying to break into the plus size industry?
Some advice is to be enthusiastic not shy.  If you are tired, don't let the people on set see that you are tired.  Give everything you have because you are getting paid to do a job.  If you don't like the photos, makeup, or clothes-keep it to yourself.  You may not get booked and it may get back to your modeling office which isn't good for your reputation.  Practice posing and faces in the mirror.  Plus size modeling is not easy.  You must have the expressions, the looks. I worked on it. You must keep practice.  Oh! One more thing!
Straight back and long neck ALWAYS.

I really feel that Daisy Christina is the next Amber Graham.  Or the first Daisy Christina....
Either way, I know she is going to be extraordinary!


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